PNTGLLRYNTWRK Presents: IBv2​.​5

by Viktor Stone

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Viktor Stone's signature sound brings new twinges to a classic L.A. underground feel, formulating something new for the "in-between now and then" generation. Right on the heels of "Interplanetary Bump: Volume 2" comes "IBv2.5"; an official crew welcome from new and old PntGllryNtwrk members worldwide. With mind bending lyrical performances set to thought-inducing tracks, "IBv2.5" represents only one direction of the newly branded PntGllryNtwrk artists conglomerate, as it rolls out the first of many all-new group exclusives.

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released July 31, 2012

All tracks produced by Viktor Stone
All tracks written and performed by noted performers
All programming and sequencing by Viktor Stone

Click individual song titles to view lyrics and production details.

Mixed and mastered by Anacron for PntGllryNtwrk
Executive Produced by Anacron & JusChris for PntGllryNtwrk



all rights reserved



PNTGLLRYNTWRK is a world-wide coalition of musicians, artists, dancers, and creative leaders.

Planted firmly in Los Angeles in 1993 with a satellite base established in Chicago in 1997, the Peanut Gallery Network has expanded to encompass and embrace numerous expressive souls worldwide. Pioneers of the modern renaissance that refuse to compromise true creativity and originality, this is ART.
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Track Name: Anacron - Introducing...
Viktor Stone / Gallery bangin’ richer tones in the mix, nerds zone off of
Viktor Stone / Anacron is on the dictaphone, finna spit words homes

This reminds me of the ‘90’s / Nissan Maxima, blastin’ up Vine street
Riding shotgun with a cutie in the drive seat / She on one, off a doobie and a hype beat
Late May, make way for the summertime / when the wait may seem like it’s double-time
Almost out of school; barely got a week left, now / Express lane, already checked out
Summer breeze on your cheeks with your knees exposed / New clothes, wardrobe for the beach
Beats banging in your ears / Laid back with a straight track - Vik Stone made that
Played back in a Civic or a Maybach / From the I.E. to the side we stayed at
So Los Angeles - like Olivera / New Peanut Gallery, so golden era
Track Name: Lvxes - Early
Before the cock croons
im up making hot tunes
its hella early but i gotta stir the pot soon
a banging bassline
a dash of some shake
time to add a lil taste of that passionate
almost forgot the most important spice
its what makes this the nicest
you blink then you might miss the skillet (Skill It) might tip
over and spill hot shit
all over the carpet!
bring to a boil now watch it simmer down
after dropping that heat fiends be stalking those streets
to get a whiff of what the chef is crafting
with knives and them forks,spoon, bibs and napkin
getting our ones up
set to serve the whole world them sweet pearls
all before the sun comes up
we get it done
cuz we them cool cats that ate the early bird that captures the worm

When light touches the horizon I'm out in the field dirty fingernails machete and tan satchel
Surveying my garden like, I hope they growing right, give'em enough water, feed'em enough light
I'm checking calendars and P.H. balances, cause each seed is it's own fucking character
Are they mature enough? cheez-it test ya
I'm even applying some science of Tesla's
Nothing but the best sir, assured rest here, what I'm growning could feed the planet for the next year
Feeding these plants all, F.T.L. like
Ahead of they time buds, right on time fruit of my loins staying true to my poems truth in the form who could ignore'em?
The bouquet aroma totally F.U.BA.R.S. your whole sense of normal
Right about now, it's time for the harvest
Grab a satchel or stay starving
Track Name: Thusfar - Phase
sittin' on the ceilin as I stare up at the carpet
remindin' me of times when I'd stare up at the targets
the stars,true fame lies in the sky
remember when my limit was disguised as the sky?
I wasnt livin' life,I was deprived of the high
and I spent a lot of time wishin' I was alive
well,the well is out of water but its fine
matter of fact she's fine,in fact her beauty is one of a kind
and yes I'm back like one from behind
to give my all like nothing is mine
cause on these tracks I seem to overreact and overlap
and with that,you slowly adapt,
to all this free expression
this time around I'm back with a beat selection
that results in deep reflection
soul search and frequent questions about food for thought
honestly I'm hear to bring you seconds
of that food for thought so who'd of thought that I would make this tape
and you would press play and then proceed to scrape the plate
I know I'm gonna make it,but to make it there safe
would be a plus like addition so its must that you listen
to the ish that I create
It would mean a lot
and life is beautiful even when it seems its not
as I'm livin' in the phase
I make one connection and this pencil to a page
the game I play feels so mental at this stage

plus I'm young,so let me introduce you to my age
seventeen with memories
a lot of things have been achieved
a lot of life has taken place
a lot of pain has been relieved
and so with that I then conceive
thoughts to keep strivin'
I travel very fast so at times I need guidance
but i don't really mind,no time to be blinded
by being lost
let the wisdom see my off
let love be the faith
let my heart be the cross
im goin through some thangs
yeah its just a phase
I'm productive nowdays
its just another part of growth
fightin temptation,peace is what I target most
is it somethin I'm forgettin?
naw? so let me get to where I'm headed Thusfar
Track Name: Jahn The Baptist - Super Mario
I'm on that high grade
Im on the honor roll
I'm in my own world super Mario
Lifes a game today don't know bout tomorrow tho
So I keep playing I'm saying it's all comical

I'm feeling looser and super like Mario
Havin fun with fungus feeling phenomenal
Hoppin hurdles on turtles
Knocking down obstacles
Domino effect abdominal breath
Let's rock and roll And
Do the impossible
Getting higher and redder than a cardinal
Wild flower fire power I'm popping those fire balls at foes who trying to stop the flow
Dont fall into the lava tho
Look out below
I must save princess toadstool I gosta go
Make it happen sooner
As I flatten the gumbas
Blasting fire balls at all the koopa troopas
Jukin all attacks I will not be consumed
Don't get It misconstrued nor confused
I'm in an upful mood my food is the mushroom
You ready to squash these fools?
I'd love to.
Everything we do...
We do it easy
And get it jumpin Luigi
I beat super Mario world completely
At least 3 times you could never defeat me

I'm on that high grade
Im on the honor roll
I'm in my own world super Mario
Lifes a game today don't know bout tomorrow tho
So I keep playing I'm saying it's all comical
I'm on that high grade
Im on the honor roll
I'm in my own world super Mario
Lifes a game today don't know bout tomorrow tho
So I keep playing I'm saying it's all comical
Track Name: Wizdome - Blunt Rides
Verse 1:
When the stress creeps up, and the bills pile up, and you feel you're in that zone, with the weight of the world, when the weight unfurls, you feel you're all alone, wanna get to a place, where we feel safe, and the world's gotta different tone, reality is formality, gotta handle all of it on our own, we tryna to be righteous men, but it's hard tryna live that righteous path, gotta get that money, gotta pay that rent, gotta fill that tank with gas, gotta feed that baby, gotta feed that lady, gotta be a grown ass man, but when it's time to unwind we ridin', rollin' blunts man.

We ridin', rollin', smokin' blunts, smokin' blunts man

Verse 2:
Damn, it could be so easy to lose control, gotta stay focused on your goals, never stop dreamin for your soul, just live right, do right, do it for the love, do it from the heart, and the rest will unfold, truest story ever told, black bold font, printed on gold, never should be bought or sold, pass along to friends and foes, take the message now you know, plant that legacy now grow, we live that life, we get that life, it can get us down, we ridin', rollin', smoke them blunts, smoke them blunts now
Track Name: Prosper Jones - Lounge Life (Let's Get It)
Lets get it.
These dudes is conflicted, like 3 friends wit 2 tickets.
2 honeys- 1 dilsnick.
Pilsner on draft mommy. What you sippin? bout to get it.
Tryin to make this paper with some brand new kicks and a crispy taper.
Waves spinnin. 360's dont end.
I just do me and let you follow trends.
These dudes is stressed out poppin pills all day.
Im stretched out on a beach in Biscayne Bay.
These rappers despise me cause I be in the lab creating shit that kill em' like HIV.
Im on my Michael Jordan. You on your Magic Johnson.
Puff the magic dragon, get the munchies now im yawning.
Dont sleep on me: Sealy Posturepetic.
Gimme a beat homie-watch Prosper eat it.
Pac-Man with the flow. They say they flip birds, I make em' eat crow.
Your chic is bum like Shaq with free throws.
My chic is hot, She walk past you might get heat stroke.
Get your weight up, skinny boy you should eat more.
Like your girl when she on her knees giving me deep throat.
Track Name: C-Truth featuring Anacron - Damo (Foodies)
Get your forks up
Where the chopsticks
All the foodies go Coolio, rock this
Hella bitchin' in the kitchen, I got this
I'm so damo, bomb though, rock this

Tasty, scrumptious, savory, munch this
Cook that, cook that
Make me bump this

他开始冲动 减肥美梦被他打破
管他卡路里有多少先变身Foodie Hero

觉得累了飞去Hongkong 喝杯下午茶
还是鲁菜香滑顺口 老板再来一碗汤

你想去东京or巴黎 我想吃板烧还有炸鸡
奶油该配Strawbery,oh my black forest cake

Get your forks up
Where the chopsticks
All the foodies go Coolio, rock this
Hella bitchin' in the kitchen, I got this
I'm so damo, bomb though, rock this

Tasty, scrumptious, savory, munch this
Cook that, cook that
Make me bump this

不如叫上朋友一起Eat in
Hot pot 没有?那我们怎么活
hot pot 不沾麻汁我们怎么过

I start rappin' and ended chances of eating pig out
吃完清洁口腔也要嚼上一片Chewing Gum
路边先买一份Fired cron


Get your forks up
Where the chopsticks
All the foodies go Coolio, rock this
Hella bitchin' in the kitchen, I got this
I'm so damo, bomb though, rock this

Tasty, scrumptious, savory, munch this
Cook that, cook that
Make me bump this
Track Name: NixAmo - No More (Blossoms)
I been a bonehead
I feel too many men have seen me naked
Through the smoke of cigarello
Cinder fingered fellow
Said he know why french pressed bird sings
More like cage it seems
Whether steeped or tea plotted
boling flock it all steams
Weeping for sewn seams
During your darkest nights turbulence they foresaw dreams
And even
On wading I sink
Even fleet of foot get they muscles atrophied
Short now of breath yet
Fear not of death now
The future gon come soon
Who'll vandalize your tomb now
That you've called a strangers bones home
And catacombs adorn a throne
Deck me out in silicone and just add water
A ready made daughter
A shameless end to farther the broken woes of fathers
And all ll wonder
Howd god make one so godamn perfect
One so whole and all is always
And my top never stopped spinnin
Dirty little whirlwind
Dirty little dancer
Red light romancer
Christ mas more time for prancer
I've known the empty
And ive known the chancellor
On a last one more time
Riddled by the last metaphor in his rhyme
It was me
Gods middle finger
Caught up in the ringer
I be For whom the bell tolls
The sea against a vacant shore lulls
To a hush
Final installment to fate of lioness
Lest I digress
It's okay
It's okay
Dare I serenade
For a path in a minutemade
What's a minute in the scheme of forever
Infinite and the cherries all blossom at half past twilight
And if my tattoo says shake
He wants to touch where the skin raised
Wants to feel my same pain
Sadly wouldn't call me widow
barely call me legal
Barely bright enough to smolder screams within his pillow
Who's immortal after tears of willow
Kisses from the sun
Love softened
seldom come often
Blossoms for someone