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Watoi wanalia kwenye streets wanalala
Hawana helper wala giver
Watu wanadie bila food bila maji
Hawana mission,Ambition wala Vision
serikali inalie ninani anaye NJALI Najua hii inascare
Umaskini haitaspare Itatuacha in a dispare
Ni wewe MuAfrica, wewe MuAsia, wewe MuEuropa, wewe MuAmerica
Pamoja tumalize umaskini
Tuache ubaguzi pia ufisadi
Haijalishi wewe mweusi ama mweupe
Pamoja we are one Pamoja tunaweza
Kwa damu kwa upendo pia kwa umoja
Pamoja we are one Pamoja tunaweza
Kwa damu kwa upendo pia kwa umoja

Kinds are crying in the streets they are lying
With helper no giver
People are dying with no food no drink
With no mission Ambition no vision
The government is lying but who cares I know this really scares
Poverty wont spare it comes and leave us in a despair
Its you African, you Asian, You Europian, You American
Together we can kill this poverty Let's stop Humiliation
Doesn't matter wether you are Black or WHITE
Together we are one Together we can
One blood One love One UNITY
Together we are one Together we can
One blood One love One UNITY

If you're African, then snap
If your mind is open and you're not blind to the facts
If you're American, then snap
If your government is covering the truth, spitting tact
If you're European, then snap
If humanity suffered vanity and you want it back
If you're Asian, then snap
If your mind is open and you're not blind to the facts

giudicare e non cambiare è troppo semplice
educati a seguire suddette regole
chi non si adegua alla forma viene escluso dalla folla
in questa società la libertà è imprigionata dalla norma

judging but not changing is too simple
we are raised to follow the rules of society
who doesn't conform to the accepted standards is cut out from the crowd
in this society the freedom is imprisoned by the standards

fight over senkaku islands for oil price
過去のくりかいし world war revising
government blind eyed
sick of this bullshit say ハイ and all rise

introducing asia, the state of asia
fight over senkaku islands for oil price
Repeating the past world war revising
place the bills in your wallet and keep counting
all for their money, who's the prime minister?
who the hells the prime minister? Who cares
that shit can't be helped
government blind eyed
nationally, and globally
sick of this bullshit say yes and all rise

Do you want to make a difference? You ain't trying that hard
because there's folks that need assistance right here in your back yard
Homeless and hungry, we got it right there with the
injustice and inequity; Welcome to America!
You ain't got to hit the internet to find it,
these billion-dollar social networks help define it
And I ain't gotta say it twice or repeat,
but ain't nobody eating off your stupid likes and retweets
Status update preaching, post links
When it's time to donate bank, you're like "no thanks".
Can't drop a dollar just to help rebuild a classroom,
but 99 cents resigns quick on iTunes
Living with privilege, none of us are innocents
Helpless is the enemy and selfish is our nemesis
Fools so funny, acting like an activist
Talking with no action, this is what is known as acting, bitch


gelosia del coraggio di chi è diverso
spinge gli altri al confronto di aver perso
i propri sogni svaniti per paura del giudizio
ma finche c’è una scelta c’é speranza contro l’intolleranza

jealousy of the courage of those who choose to be different
pushes the ones that didn't have the guts to follow their dreams to be confronted with the lost of
their dreams vanished because of their fear of being judged
but as long as there is hope there is a choice against intolerance


released October 10, 2012
Written and performed by Anacron, Monkey King, Mr. Project, and Scilla. Produced by Paulo Henrique. Arranged, mixed, and mastered by Anacron.



all rights reserved



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